Worried about PTOSIS?

Ptosis is one physical change most women dislike not to talk of experiencing. Unfortunately they tend to, often after pregnancy. This medical term “Ptosis” is also known as BREAST SAGGING.

You may feel that breastfeeding your baby has led to your breasts being saggy and shapeless. However, the truth is that your breasts start to sag from the time you are pregnant. It can also be a result of various other factors like the shape of your breasts before pregnancy (whether they were already large) or the percentage of fat in your body and your age. Your multiple pregnancies and your lifestyle habits too such as smoking can change your bust size. Ligaments are believed to give support to your breasts. When you are pregnant, with a night possibility, your breasts become fuller and heavier, and continue to do so as the pregnancy progresses. It makes the ligaments stretch and eventually makes your breasts sag. The change will be more noticeable if you have fuller breasts. Your multiple pregnancies too can result in a-lot more dramatic change in your bust.
You might have thought of how to prevent breast sagging after pregnancy? just to mention a few, here is how;

> wear a bra that gives good support to your breast and around✅ Don’t get excess weight (A Little addition of flesh)

>Exercise Regularly (exercising can help you maintain a good body)

> Go slow while losing weight(No drastic measures like starving and taking slimming pills should be taken)It should be a step at a time.

*Remember your health is our Priority*

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