Akiderm Cream

Tuberculosis of skin, chicken pox, Vacinia, Herpes, Virus infection

Clotrimazole BP, Beclometasone Dipropionate (anhydrous)BP, Gentamicin Sulphate BP, equivalent to Gentamicin.
As preservative: Chilorocresol BP,  Bronopol BP, Cream base.

Septicemia and other severe infections due to aerobic Gram-negative bacilli; Severe Gram-negative sepsis in children; Bacterial endocarditis; Cutaneous dermatophyte and yeast infections (including balanitis and vulvitis); Vaginitis (Candidal or mixed infection); Primary irritant dermatitis; Allergic Contact dermatitis; Eczema-atopic, infantile, discold, stasis; Seborrheic dermatitis; Lichen planus, lichen simple and pruritus and; Psoriasis; Discold lupus erythematous; Granuloma annulare/necrobiosis lipoidica.

Tuberculosis of skin, chicken pox, Vacinia, Herpes, Virus infection. Statis ulcers, skin sensitization, Large area of damaged skin may cause ototoxic and nephrotoxic effects .
Avoid occlusion. Discontinue if irritation or superinfection develops.