Phinapain® 50mg / Phinapain 100mg

Phinapain® 50mg and 100mg are painkillers containing Diclofenac Sodium.  Phinapain is given to treat painful conditions such as arthritis, sprains and strains, gout, migraine, dental pain and general body pain after surgical operations. It eases pain and reduces inflammation.

Diclofenac works by blocking the effect of chemicals in your body, called cyclo-oxygenase (COX) enzymes. These enzymes help to make other chemicals in the body, called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are produced at sites of injury or damage and it causes pain and inflammation. By blocking the effect of COX enzymes, fewer prostaglandins are produced, which means pain and inflammation, are eased.

Phinapain 50mg and 100mg are both enteric coated tablets. This means the tablet is coated with a material to prevent or minimize dissolution in the stomach but allow dissolution in the small intestine. This protects your stomach from ulceration and possible bleeding in the stomach. This means Stomach Ulcer patients may take medication based on their doctor’s approval.